An Afternoon in Middle-earth

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An Afternoon in Middle-earth
AuthorLeslie Holloway (editor)
PublisherCannon Hill: Midlands Art Centre
FormatProgramme booklet

An Afternoon in Middle-earth is the programme booklet of the event "An Afternoon in Middle-earth", held on 30 November 1969 at the Studio Theatre, Midlands Art Centre, Cannon Hill (Birmingham). The programme includes a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien.[1][2]

Included in the booklet (which "amounts to a fair-sized magazine") is also an introduction by Leslie Holloway (the producer of the event), an article on Tolkien fandom by Joy Hill ("Daily Life in Middle-earth"), as well as "articles by Keith Brace of the Birmingham Post, and Charlotte and Denis Plimmer, from the Daily Telegraph, among others".[3]


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