Burned Dwarves

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This article describes a concept which is mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's works, but was never given a definite name.

The burned Dwarves were a posthumously named group of Dwarves who were proudly honoured in memoriam after their bodies were burned with fire by their kin after the Battle of Azanulbizar.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During the aftermath of the bloody Battle of Azanulbizar,[2] the surviving Dwarves were unable to properly dispose of their dead, having no time to build stone tombs and refusing to bury their fallen comrades in earth, this being against their traditions.[1] Therefore, they had no choice but to burn the corpses upon many pyres after relieving them of their arms and armor[2] in order to prevent the desecration of their kin by birds, beasts, and carrion-orcs.[1] The smoke of this burning was seen as far as Lothlórien.[2]

To this day, any Dwarf whose relative was burned at Azanulbizar would proudly say that their ancestor was a burned Dwarf, which was enough to honour them.[1]

Known burned Dwarves[edit | edit source]


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