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Calben (pl. Celbin) was a term used amongst Sindar that lived in Beleriand. It was used of all Elves other than Avari, and it included the Sindar themselves (who specifically called themselves Edhil). The term was thus equivalent to the Quenya word "Eldar". After the Laegrim were recognized to be from Lindarin origin, they were included in Celbin.

Unlike the Quenya form Calaquende, this word does not exclusively refer to Elves, but includes other forces in alliance against Morgoth, e. g. the Edain were included in this category.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Calben, 'a light person' is composed from the Sindarin words cal "light" and pen "someone, somebody". It is connected to the terms derived from Kala-kwendē, but is itself derived from a variant form with -kwen, as it never shows a variant form Calbend.

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