Captain of the Haven

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The Captain of the Haven was the title of a person in Umbar during the rule of Steward Ecthelion II of Gondor.

Sometime between T.A. 2957 and 2980, Aragorn came to Gondor in disguise under the name Thorongil and served Steward Ecthelion II.[1] During that time he often counselled him that the rebels in Umbar were a danger to the southern fiefs of Gondor. In T.A. 2980 Ecthelion II permitted Thorongil to attack Umbar with a small fleet. Thorongil arrived with his fleet unnoticed at night and burnt a large part of the ships of the unprepared Corsairs. Thorongil himself overthrew the Captain of the Haven in a battle on the quays before he retreated with his fleet with small losses.[2]


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