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Cirith Gorgor (band)

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Cirith Gorgor
Background Information
OriginThe Netherlands
GenreBlack Metal
Years active1993-present
Current membersSee below
Former membersSee below

Cirith Gorgor is a Black Metal Band.


[edit] History

Cirith Gorgor, initially named Dark Sorceress, was founded by the two guitarists Asmoday and Astaroth Daemonum in late. The line-up was completed when Levithmong (drums) and Lord Mystic (bass) shortly afterwards joined the band. In the course of 1996 Nimroth (vocals) replaced the band’s first vocalist who was dismissed due to a lack of motivation.

The band name was chosen because it represents a common interest within the band, a great love for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and it symbolises the haunted pass to Death. A variety of interests is also to be found in the lyrics, of which the main inspiration springs from the intense antipathy towards all organised religions.

A period of frequent rehearsals ensued and more songs were composed, which eventually led to the recording of Cirith Gorgor’s first demo "Mystic Legends..." (1997), produced in the band’s rehearsal place. 350 copies were soon sold out.

About a year later Cirith Gorgor signed with Osmose Productions, after which the debut album "Onwards to the Spectral Defile" was released in 1999. Immediately after the recordings of this album Asmoday decided to leave the band because of personal circumstances. In spite of this loss the band soon regained full strength again when Marchosias (guitar) entered the legion and they were able to execute several more live performances, which up till now had included shows with Behemoth, Aeternus, Asphyx and Testament.

After positive reviews and live shows the band started composing their second album "Unveiling the Essence" for release in 2001, which was once again released by Osmose Productions. The typical aggressive yet melodic Cirith Gorgor style was consolidated and the new album received good reactions.

Then, after successful gigs with Enthroned, Dead Head and Hades Almighty, Cirith Gorgor’s second founding member Astaroth Daemonum also decided to quit the band because it proved impossible to combine full dedication to the band with his other daily life activities. At this time the band’s label also chose to end the cooperation with Cirith Gorgor. The band, however, remained motivated and started working on new material.

A self-financed promo titled "Demonic Incarnation" released in 2002 was recorded and came to the attention of German label Ketzer Records. Two of the songs featured on the promo were released on a limited edition 7" EP titled "Through Woods of Darkness and Evil" (2002 - 666 copies) through a cooperation between Ketzer and Regimental (USA).

Also a new guitarist was found shortly after recording the promo: Inferno, coming from Dutch black metal band Tartaros, joined forces and was involved in the creation of Cirith Gorgor’s new album "Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn." The album was released in July of 2004 by Ketzer Records. In the following year Cirith Gorgor did a European tour with Lux Ferre and Daemonlord.

With the help of Mor Dagor guitarist Pestilence a new track, entitled "Demonic Incarnation", was recorded, which was released later in 2005 as a split 7" EP with Mor Dagor.

[edit] Line-up

  • Levithmong - Drums (joined 1993)
  • Lord Mystic - Bass (joined 1994)
  • Nimroth - Vocals (joined 1996)
  • Marchosias - Guitar (joined 1999)
  • Inferno - Guitar (joined 2002)

[edit] Former Members

  • Gothmog - Vocals (1993-1996)
  • Asmoday - Guitar (1993-1999)
  • Astaroth Daemonum - Guitar (1993-2001)

[edit] Discography

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