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Společnost Přátel Díla Pana JRRTolkiena

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Společnost Přátel Díla Pana J. R. R. Tolkiena (Czech:Society of Friends of the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien), often abbreviated SPDPJRRT, is the Tolkien Society in the Czech Republic founded in 1992 to commemorate the centenary of J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday.[1]

The members of the Society, who come from different parts of both the Czech and Slovak Republics (although a Slovak Tolkien Society was established as well after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia), have the opportunity to gather at various meetings. The two main events organized by the society are: The Celebration of the Destruction of the Ring in the end of March and the Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday in September.[2] The principal aim of the gatherings is to enable close personal contact of the members, but many enjoy interesting lectures, concerts, theatre plays, games and other activities.[1] There have also been smaller meetings on a monthly basis in Prague, usually with a lecture followed by discussion.[3]

In addition to that, there is another event called TolkienCon held annually in January since 2003. It is not officially organized by the Society, but the organizers are in close contact with the Society. [4] Similarly to Oxonmoot, it starts late afternoon on Friday and ends midday on Sunday. It is based at a local school, including facilities for ‘sleeping rough’ in classrooms. Unlike Oxonmoot, the TolkienCon has a very strong thread of music that runs through it: There are slots where instead of a paper there is a musical performance.[5]


SPDPJRRT published two magazines:

  • Palantir is an information bulletin providing news on the current activities within the Society, reports of past events past and announcements of those under way as well as and brief articles on J.R.R. Tolkien's work and the community of Tolkien fans.
  • Thorin is a quasi-academic literary journal of the society. It brings Czech translations of passages from J.R.R. Tolkien's books unpublished so far in the Czech Republic, specialized articles on Tolkien's Legendarium and book reviews. It was published in the years 1992–2004.

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