Drúwaith Iaur

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Drúwaith Iaur also called the Old Púkel-wilderness[1] or Old Púkel-land[2] was a region of dark woods west of Gondor[3] between the river Isen and the mountains of the promontory of Andrast, a western outlier of the White Mountains.[1][4]

Drúwaith Iaur was one of two regions in the White Mountains where the Drúedain lived. They settled there in the First Age after they had crossed the river Anduin (probably near Cair Andros) from the east and continued to live there secretly at the time of the War of the Ring in the Third Age.[1] Drúwaith Iaur was never occupied by the Númenóreans,[1] not considered to be a part of the realm of Gondor,[3] not inhabited by Men of Gondor or of Rohan and seldom visited by them[1]. After the Battles of the Fords of Isen the Drúedain came out of the caves where they lived and attacked a remnant of the forces of Saruman that had been driven from the fords to the south.[2]


Drúwaith Iaur is a Sindarin name, consisting of drú ("wild"), waith ("folk, land")[5] and iaur ("old").[3] In this name the word Iaur does not mean "original" but "former".[1]