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East Sindar

From Tolkien Gateway

East Sindar were the Sindar who lived in the wide open lands east of Doriath beyond the Girdle of Melian.[note 1] They were not under the rule of Thingol, and they practiced cattle-rearing and sheep-farming as well as growing grain and other crops - these they sold both to Doriath in the west and to the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains to the east.[1]


  1. It is not stated exactly where the East Sindar lived, but the description and location of the lands they lived in coincides rather well with the description and location of Estolad.


  1. J.R.R. Tolkien, Carl F. Hostetter (ed.), The Nature of Middle-earth, "Part Three. The World, its Lands, and its Inhabitants: V. Note on Elvish Economy", p. 298