Eglerio! In Praise of Tolkien

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Eglerio! In Praise of Tolkien
AuthorAnne Etkin, C. S. Lewis, Nan C. L. Scott
PublisherQuest Communications

Eglerio! In Praise of Tolkien, written and edited by Anne Etkin, is a collection of articles about J.R.R. Tolkien.

The book includes a photograph of Tolkien with Willian Scott's wife with the article "Tolkien: Hobbit and Wizard" by Nan C. Scott. Also included are some quotes attributed to Tolkien by Mrs Scott.[1]

From the publisher

This book is a rich collection of exactly those things where Professor Tolkien's multitude of admirers, likes to find. Featured is a multi-part appreciation of Tolkien and his immortal The Lord of the Rings by one of his most avid and long-time admirers, writer Anne Etkin (known among Shirefolk as "Anne of Briar Ditch"). Adding to the bill are such treasures as Two never-before-published letters about Tolkien by another great literary giant, his close friend C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis' famous London Times biographical obituary for Tolkien, written before either author had passed away. Nan C.L. Scott's recounting and photographs of her England visit with Tolkien. An examination of the now-published The Silmarillion, as analyzed by Anne Etkin. A photo section featuring Professor Tolkien, the homes he lived in, and places and things along the English country-side which readers will recognize from his stories.


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