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Elanor, or The Flemish Fantasy Society (Dutch: Het Vlaams Fantasy Genootschap), is a Tolkien and Fantasy society based in Belgium. Elanor was founded in 1999, at which point it was exclusive a Tolkien-only society, in order to bring a group of committed Tolkien-enthusiasts together over a range of activities.[1] Elanor was founded after Flemish Tolkien enthusiasts felt a Tolkien Society independent from Unquendor would suit them better. Although both Flanders and the Netherlands share the same language, there are considerable cultural differences separating these territories. In recent years Elanor and Unquendor have grown closer and are organizing joint events.[2]


We have been able to bring together a tight group of people who have fantasy reading and Tolkien's work at heart. By providing a large variety of activites to everyone's taste, anyone can enthusiastically partake, tell stories, discuss and compare with stories by authors such as Robin Hobb and Terry Goodkind.
Each activity has as its main purpose fun and talking free and easy about our common hobby and this principally at the Tolkien Birthday Toast on January 3, the quiz at the end of February, the Tolkien Reading Day in March and the games nights. The Inkling-evenings on the other hand are meant to discuss Tolkien's literary works in earnest. [...] The member's day in September concludes our year's activities and there our Bards and the group "Namarië" perform each year a fragment from Tolkien's books adapted by ourselves.



Lothelanor is the thrice-yearly publication of Elanor, with a heavy focus on content from its members. Lothelanor includes poems, illustrations, interviews, essays, reviews, crosswords, travelogues, and reports of activities both inside and outside the society. [3]


Elanor also includes its own sword-fighting group, "Namarië",[1], who provide two-week training courses for members as well as put on shows at various events throughout the year. The shows themselves seek to replicate a well-known fantasy scene, with authentic costumes, for the enjoyment of the spectators and performers.[4]

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