Evil Breath

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The Evil Breath was “an evil wind out of Angband” that brought a sickness to Dor-lómin under a leaden sky.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

In the autumn of F.A. 469, many had hope that Maedhros would turn back Morgoth, sealing the Doors of Angband. Yet those that were wiser feared that new evils will be devised in Angband. Their fears were true, as "an ill wind from the North", known only as the Evil Breath, brought a pestilence to those lands that bordered Anfauglith. Many of those that perished from the sickness were the rising youth and children.[2]

Before the ending of that year, the Evil Breath had reached Dor-lómin, striking Túrin with a fever and dark dreams. Due to his fate and strength, he survived the sickness. His sister, Urwen, was not spared however, and Túrin wept bitterly alone that night, grieving for her.[2]

Later, Túrin mentions the Evil Breath during a conversation he has with Sador, considering it to have been a curse by the wicked King.[2]

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