Explicando Tolkien

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Explicando Tolkien
Explicando Tolkien.jpg
AuthorRonald Kyrmse
PublisherMartins Fontes

Explicando Tolkien ("Explaining Tolkien") is a Brazilian book written by Ronald Kyrmse.[1]

From the publisher[edit]

Tolkien was responsible for the birth of a literary genre weird fiction. Many readers deepen with delight in the works of English that, though a better appreciation of his books is only possible if we know more about his life, the motives that inspired him and the messages he wished to convey to us. In 'Explicando Tolkien", Ronald Kyrmse, which the author has been studying for nearly a quarter century, aims to illuminate two facets of this prodigious work. On the one hand, Tolkien delves into the world to show the richness of details and issues that make up myths, peoples, languages​​, calendars, etc.