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Faery was the land that Smith Smithson alone of Wootton Major could enter due to the Fay-star that he had eaten as a young boy at the Feast of Good Children.

Faery was bounded by the Sea of Windless Storm. In the land were fair valleys filled with woods and meads, and on a wide plain there was a shadowy hill from which sprang the King's Tree. Faery had two ranges of mountains, the Outer Mountains and the Inner Mountains. In the Outer Mountains there was a lake filled with fiery creatures. Its surface was harder than stone and slipperier than glass. In the Inner Mountains, there was the Vale of Evermorn where danced the Elven maidens.

Due to the Fay-star that Smith had eaten (which was transferred to his brow on his tenth birthday), Smith was able to visit Faery and explore its various regions. In the Vale of Evermorn he was allowed to dance with the maidens upon the lawn and eventually in a high place he met the Queen of Faery.[1]

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