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An assortment of letterings done by Daniel Reeve. (Unfortunately these are not available fonts)

Several fonts based on J.R.R. Tolkien's work or its adaptations have been made. This page lists several of them.


Note: The following section is originally compiled by /u/RetroRaiderD42 on Reddit. Incorporating the Quenya101 Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide, and with thanks to the r/Tengwar community for the additional fonts.

Keyboard layout Description
Pre-Smith Fonts known to predate Dan Smith’s layout or otherwise use a non-standard keyboard layout.
Smith Fonts using Dan Smith’s 1998 layout (listed on the r/Tengwar fonts page as “ASCII based”) and all layouts derived from it.
Smith-derived Fonts that are largely compatible with or were based on the Smith Layout but deviated in some way and/or include OpenType features
Unicode/TFFP Fonts which follow the standards of the Tengwar Free Font Project, itself following the ConScript Unicode Registry’s assignment of code points in Unicode’s Private Use Area.

High Elven

Font Author Keyboard layout Description
Tengwar Annatar © 2004 – 2005 by Johan Winge Smith Tengwar Annatar as you see in the image above is a standard writing, balanced and with a neutral elvish style.
Tengwar Annatar Italics © 2004 – 2005 by Johan Winge Smith Tengwar Annatar Italics is the #1 choice of Tolkien fans as it’s the One Ring inscription and it flows beautifully in a cursive and “liquid” way.
Tengwar Noldor © 1998 by Dan Smith Smith Tengwar Noldor is the most Dwarvish Tengwar can get! Full of straight lines, it’s perfect for chiseling stone and perhaps make amends with that stunted bearded people!
Tengwar Gothika © 2005 by Enrique Mombello Smith Elves in Middle-Ages? Unusual combination, but why not? Tengwar Gothika is one of my favorite ones! It adds an air of medieval taste to the already beautiful alphabet.
Tengwar Quenya © 1998 by Dan Smith Smith Tengwar Quenya is a serious font with stern face and balanced visual. It’s good for documents or history specially those related to… Alqualondë burning ships! (Trolling Thingol)
Tengwar Eldamar © 2006 – 2007 by Måns Björkman Unicode/TFFP Tengwar Eldamar feels like a dagger. It’s a sharp font with pretty marked tehtar. To me, it’s the most “Arabic” of Tengwar fonts. I can’t explain, I just feel that about it!

Grey Elven

Font Author Keyboard layout Description
Tengwar Beleriand © 2008 Enrique Mombello Unicode/TFFP Tengwar Beleriand has a nice standard visual with stylish curvy ends in some tengwar and tehtar. Well balanced and the favorite of most Avari!
Tengwar Sindarin © 1998 by Dan Smith Smith Tengwar Sindarin may be called cousin to Tengwar Quenya. Both are alike but this one here is merrier, almost handwritten one might say, with a rounded quality stressed in it.
Tengwar Galvorn © 2004 by Josh Griffing Smith Tengwar Galvorn is a crystal, hollow and perhaps shiny font. It’s huge also. (It’s size 12 like the others, but can you see the difference?)
Tengwar Mornedhel © 2004 by Josh Griffing Smith Tengwar Mornedhel is the twin sister of Galvorn. The only difference is the darkness. Mornedhel means Dark Elf in Sindarin, so it makes sense.
Tengwar Parmaite © 2001 by Måns Björkman Tengwar Parmaite is a formal, well styled and pretty tiny font. I didn’t mess with the size again, that’s its natural size 12 like all other fonts presented here.
Elfic Caslin © 2009 by Peter Wiegel Smith Surprise, surprise! A Tengwar font that is not called Tengwar! I love this one! It’s like a typewrite version of what Tengwar should look like. Perfect for writing newspaper!

Green Elven

Font Author Description
Tengwar Elfica © 2003 by Enrique Mombello Smith Tengwar Elfica resembles a little bit Tengwar Beleriand but the tehtar as well as its tengwar are slight modified to give a different feel to the font. A good one.
Greifswalder Tengwar © 2009 by Peter Wiegel Smith Greifswalder Tengwar is different even in the name. It feels like a mixture of Armenian/Georgian alphabet to me. Its Tengwar are interestingly linked when written.
TengwarOptime © 2009 by Peter Wiegel Smith TengwarOptime (yes, altogether) is a block font, mechanic and it feels like a robot would write that way.
Tengwar Teleri © 2003 by Josh Griffing Smith Tengwar Teleri is not a proof that Elves have bad calligraphy. Take a close look: it’s swans you see! That’s right! A weird looking, original font from that Teleri people!
Tengwar Formal © 2009 by Michał Nowakowski Smith Tengwar Formal is a very thin and elegant font. Its form is delicate and it reminds me a feminine calligraphy.
Tengwar Hereno © 2004 by Paulo Otto and Ronald Kyrmse Unknown Tengwar Atari this one should be called! It’s definitely a font for old vintage computer games!

Silvan Elven

Font Author Keyboard layout Description
Tengwar Telcontar © 2005 – 2009 by Johan Winge Unicode/TFFP Extremely versatile font. Usable only in OpenOffice Writer (here at size 24) but you can customize ligatures, underlines, decorations… wonderful! Easy to type due its mapping and it adjusts its own tehtar by itself! What a prime!
Tengwar Telcontar Underlined © 2005 – 2009 by Johan Winge Unicode/TFFP One of the custom “modes” within Tengwar Telcontar. Those underlines with random dots here and there adds to this font charm and enhances the beauty of Tengwar writing.
Tengwar Cursive © 2000 by Harri Perälä Unknown Tengwar Cursive is a tiny font (here size 24) with some casual and yet elegant calligraphy. Its curvy style is its great charm. It’s like Gandalf writing Tengwar casually in kind of a hurry. Note: Perälä considers this to be incomplete and obsolete, recommending Tengwar Annatar as an alternative.
Tengwar Naïve © 1997, 2004 by Johan Winge, adjusted by Erunno Alcarinollo in 2016 Smith Tengwar Naive is a little small too (here it’s size 18) and its original rendition got minor problems which I had to adjust and modify. Its essence is round and a bit elvish teens, I would say.
Tengwar Gandalf the White © 2005 by Michael S. Elliott, adjusted by Erunno Alcarinollo in 2016 Smith Tengwar-Gandalf = HUGE problem. I had to fix some many things with it, that it’d be completely appropriate to call it “Tengwar Gandalf the White”. Check the two pics to compare! Gandalf was indeed reborn to become better!
Tengwar Kids © 2016 by Erunno Alcarinillo Unknown Exclusive Quenya101 Tengwar font! Tengwar Kids resembles an elvish child’s calligraphy just learning how to write. Cool, huh? If you want to download this font, click in its name and follow the instructions.*

Unicode Fonts w/Tengwar Support

Font Author Description
Code2000 © 1998 – 2008 by James Kass General Unicode fonts with Tengwar and Cirth support.
Code2001 © 2012 by James Kass General Unicode fonts with Tengwar and Cirth support.
Constructium KreativeKorp General ConScript fork of SIL Gentium with Tengwar and Cirth support.
Eldamar Måns Björkman Unicode font which combines Tengwar Eldamar (see above), Sarati Eldamar, Valmaric Eldamar, Pre-Feanorian, Rúmilian, and the New English Alphabet. Currently in Beta.
Fairfax HD KreativeKorp Halfwidth scalable monospace ConScript font for terminals, text editors, IDEs, etc. with Tengwar and Cirth support.
FreeMonoTengwar Based on the FreeMono font, part of the GNU FreeFont family.

TengTeX Fonts

Font Author Description
Computer Modern Tengwar © 2002 by Ivan A. Derzhanski
Computer Roman Tengwar © 2002 by Ivan A. Derzhanski
Teng10 © 1991 by Julian Bradfield
Tengwar © 1988, 1994 by Michael Urban


Font Author Keyboard layout Description
Alcarin Tengwar © 2023 by Toshi Omagari Unicode/TFFP Based on the Brill typeface.
Tengwar Nenya Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Italic companion to Alcarin Tengwar.
Elfetica Ronald Kyrmse Smith Based on Max Miedinger's Helvetica, one of the most famous sans-serif fonts, closely imitated by Arial. It is meant for writing in "modern-looking" Tengwar.
TengwarElfetica © 2005 by AnonMoos Smith Revision of Ronald Kyrmse’s Elfetica*
Moroma Lawrence M. Schoen Pre-Smith Created by the author and founder of the Klingon Language Institute.
Tengwanda Gothic © 2011 by Deniart Unknown Blackletter.
Tengwanda Namarie © 2011 by Deniart Unknown Cursive.
Tengwar Artano Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Unicode font based on Tengwar Annatar Italics by Johan Winge, using the mapping devised by the Free Tengwar Font Project.
Tengwar Formal CSUR Unicode/TFFP Modification by the Free Tengwar Font Project to use their character mapping in Unicode’s Private Use Area.
Tengwar Gandalf Classic © Michael S. Elliott Pre-Smith Two versions.
Tengwar Sindarinwa (formerly Tengwar Medium) © Mr. Salamandir Smith Based on Tengwar Gandalf V1, $25.
Tengwar Gondolin Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Majuscule typeface with inspiration from Latin, Greek, and Cryllic capitals, based on glyphs from Libertinus. Includes tehtar and traditional minscule forms, but the majuscule forms are designed to be used independant of them.
Tengwar Hanno Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Based on Baloo 2 by Ek Type.
Tengwar Ingolme © 2021 by Helmut W. Pesch Smith Based on VAG Rounded, but designed from scratch, this is a pared-down sans-serif font designed for keyboard stickers, and the download includes a full layout. Ingolme is Quenyan for "lore, knowledge, scholarship".
Tengwar New Marcin Przybys Unknown Tengwar Helvetica (“Hengwar”.)*
Tengwar Pixel Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Based on the lettering in the GBA Pokémon games.
Tengwar Rácina Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Unicode Blackletter font based on Tengwar Gothika by Enrique Mombello and Chomsky by Frederick Brennan, using the mapping devised by the Free Tengwar Font Project.
Tengwar Silúmie © 2020 Tamas Ferencz Smith-derived Classical Latin-inspired experimental font which uses a modified version of Dan Smith's keyboard layout, utilizing OpenType features to reduce the number of keys required. Slab serifs and variable stroke width aplenty.
Tengwar Telperinquaro (Tengwar Tellepsalinnacontar) © 2010 by Bas van Hoorn aka Tencedil Unicode/TFFP
Tengwar Míriel Shankar Sivarajan Unicode/TFFP Based on Tengwar Telperinquaro.
Tengwar Typewriter Jeff Anderson Smith-derived "A Tengwar font for Sindarin mode—I strayed from the keyboard layout of Dan Smith’s fonts, but those were difficult to work with. (btw, The circumflex accent key is another position of the “a” vowel point.)"
Tengwar Yantaina Nate Reinar Windwood Smith-derived A modification of Dan Smith’s Tengwar Sindarin that includes a transcriber for Classical Mode, built on OpenType substitutions.

Tengwar-Style Latin/Faux Tengwar

Font Author Description
Elvish Ring NFI Norfolk Incredible Font Design Gloriously messy faux Tengwar font, some glyphs only identifiable in the context of a full word. Font of choice for Elven Diaspora bakeries.
Half-Elven © 2012 by Daniel Zadorozny A very neat font, perfect for graphic design and the like, especially given it comes in 11 (!) different styles.
Latin Artano Shankar Sivarajan Latin sister font to Tengwar Artano, likewise based on glyphs from Tengwar Annatar Italics. A unicameral font, where any upper-case letters are automatically converted to lower-case ones.
Tencele Latinwa © 2003 by Ronald Kyrmse "Tencele Latinwa ("Latin Alphabet" in Quenya) assigns to each letter of the keyboard a tengwar-lookalike. It is based on Måns Björkman's Tengwar Parmaite, which in my opinion is the most beautiful tengwar font to date."
Tengwar Sindarin 2 © 2017 by Vasil Stanev A more "Medieval Formal" take on Latinized Tengwar which also has support for Cryllic, based on Dan Smith's original Tengwar Sindarin.


Item of note: Several of these fonts are tengwar or angerthas. These do not have a one-on-one transliteration with Latin script. Usually, some guide to the proper usage is included.

Listing courtesy of the Tolkien Font Page at

Ringbearer Medium - The font from the "Lord of the Rings" title logo.
v1.00 © Pete Klassen, 2002
Download | Readme

Aniron - The font from the "Lord of the Rings" end credits.
v1.00 © Pete Klassen, 2004
Download (Unicode) | Download (Cyrillic) | Readme

Albertus MT - The font from the movie subtitle ("The Fellowship of the Ring") of the "Lord of the Rings" logo.
© Agfa, 1999
Download Western | Download Cyrillic

Author Unknown

Angerthas Moria
© Morten Bek, 1997

© TypeTogether, 2009

Bilbo Hand - The archive contains 3 types
© Nancy Lorenz, 2002

Cirth Erebor (6 Fonts)
© Dan Smith, 1998

Elven Common Speak - Latin alphabet in Elvish style
© Nancy Lorenz

Fanjofey AH (2 Fonts) - Latin fonts in hand-written Tengwar style
© Andreas Höfeld

First Order (6 Fonts) - A font, similar to the font in the "Lord of the Rings" credits. But not very similar.
© Daniel Zadorozny

Hobbiton - A font from the maps and signs of Hobbiton
© Nancy Lorenz, 2001

Hobbiton Brushed - A font from the maps and signs of Hobbiton
© Nancy Lorenz, 2001

Kelt - A font similar to what is used in the movie.
© Bay Animation Inc., 1994
Download Western | Download Cyrillic

Moon Runes
Author Unknown

Party Business - A font from the sign at Bilbo's door
© Nancy Lorenz, 2002

Anglo-Saxon Runes (3 Fonts)
© Dan Smith, 1998

Dwarf Runes (3 Fonts)
© Dan Smith, 1998

Germanic Runes (3 Fonts)
© Dan Smith, 1998

Runic (3 Fonts) - Western font in Rune style. The example shows "GANDALF FOR PRESIDENT". Upper case is in Cyrillic.
© Dmitry Derevenjov & Nikolay Dubina

Tengwar (3 Fonts)
© Paolo A. Otto, 1994

Viking - Another fantasy font in celtic style.
© Corel, 1992
Download Western | Download Cyrillic

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