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gûl is a word used in both Sindarin and the Black Speech (derived from the former).[1][2]



In Sindarin, gûl originally referred to "secret knowledge, arts"[4] or "the deeper knowledge of the 'wise' or skilled persons".[2] However, the word came to be associated with Morgoth's black arts (as in the compound morgul).[4] It is therefore also found glossed as "evil or perverted knowledge, necromancy, sorcery".[1]

Black Speech

In the Black Speech, gûl (or gūl) is glossed as "(phantom, shadow of dark magic, necromancer), slave, servant?", "[evil] spirit". In The Lord of the Rings, gûl is translated as "wraiths" (as in Nazgûl, the Ringwraiths).[2]



Other versions of the legendarium

In the Etymologies appears the Noldorin form gûl ("magic").[3]


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