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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Video game
DeveloperPål-Kristian Engstad
PublisherPål-Kristian Engstad
PlatformDEC Alpha
Release date1988

Genesis is a MUD based on the Norwegian MUD Ringen. It was translated into English and converted to MUD-format by Pål-Kristian Engstad.[1] It consists of both old regions like Moria (from the original Ringen MUD) and new region like The Shire.[1] The game contains at least 50 quests and has six different races: Humans, Elves, Hobbits, Gnomes, Dwarves and Goblins.[2] The game was released in 1988 and is still running. In 1991 a new version was published.[1]

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