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Hern Ennorath

From Tolkien Gateway
Hern Ennorath
Company Information
LocationAustralia and New Zealand
TypeSmial of The Tolkien Society

Hern Ennorath (Sindarin for Southern Lands of Middle-earth) is the Tolkien Fellowship of Australia and New Zealand. It is a smial of The Tolkien Society and consists of the separate fellowships of Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Hern Ennorath meets every month via Zoom, featuring presentations and quiz nights. Since 2023, it has organised Ozmoot, the regional Australian Tolkien conference in collaboration with The Tolkien Society and Signum University.


  • Ozmoot 2023: University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • Ozmoot 2024: Harold Park Community Hall, Sydney
  • Ozmoot 2025: Melbourne (TBC)