Host of the Valar

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The Vanyar leave for war by Jenny Dolfen

The Host of the Valar or Host of the West was the mighty army that overthrew Morgoth and his legions at the end of the First Age.

The army itself was composed of Vanyar under Ingwion,[1] and the remaining Noldor of Valinor, under Finarfin. Manwë's herald Eönwë came with them, and possibly other Maiar and some Valar also joined the Host.[note 1]

They were brought to Middle-earth by the ships of Falmari, who took pity on the words of Elwing; however the Falmari refused to fight beside the Noldor, remembering the First Kinslaying. Once they landed, the Vanyarin host drove away the Orcs of the shores of the Belegaer in the Battle of Eglarest.[2]

The Host of the West met Morgoth's host of the North in the titanic clash of the War of Wrath. Assisted by the Great Eagles and Earendil, they were victorious.[3]


  1. No other Ainur are mentioned, but Eönwë's presence alone is an indication that other Maiar would accompany him, if not some Valar as well. This is implied by the name "Host of the Valar" itself as well as the cataclysmic result of the War which drowned Beleriand. Cf. Robert Foster, The Complete Guide to Middle-earth, p. 202 and Michael Martinez's article: " It would be reasonable to infer that some of the Valar also accompanied the Host — presumably Tulkas and Oromë would have wanted to be included in that conflict."


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