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Jan Boom (a.k.a. Fangorn) is a long time Dutch collector and incubator of Tolkien fan activity. He is a former treasurer and audit committee member as well as an active member of Unquendor. He is also a member of other Tolkien Societies as well as a silent partner of the Tolkienwinkel. His pseudonym Fangorn is based on his surname Boom, meaning tree in Dutch.


J.H.E. (Jan) Boom is a retired financial controller who has been active in Tolkien fandom and as an active collector for many decades. He has also supported numerous Tolkien Societies financially and in kind over the decades. He is a well known attendant of Tolkien events in Europe, including the annual Oxonmoot. He has also supported initiatives around collecting Tolkien books and other material.[1][2][3][4][5] He specializes in rare book editions, calendars and Mithril Miniatures.


The library of the Slovenian Tolkien Society was named Fangornova Library in Jan Boom's honor. He was a great benefactor in the early years of this society.[6]


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