Journeys and Maps

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Journeys and Maps
Journeys and Maps.jpg
AuthorAndrew Kenrick, T.S. Luikart, Francesco Nepitello, Marco RafalĂ 
IllustratorAndy Hepworth, Jon Hodgson, Sam Manley
PublisherCubicle 7 Entertainment

Journeys and Maps is a supplement for The One Ring role-playing game.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Journeys and Maps is a set of four, double sided, large format maps covering the greater part of Middle-earth: Eriador, Wilderland, Rohan and Gondor/Mordor. With Players maps and hexed Lore Master maps, these provide an invaluable play aid for planning your One Ring journeys.

Also included is a 32-page supplement, with rules for water travel by sea and river, an index to all locations covered in The One Ring Roleplaying Game supplements to date, a system for detailing ruins found along the road, a useful collection of terrain-specific hazards, and a section detailing natural wonders, lodgings, and fellow travellers your Company might find along the way.