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Katharine Farrer
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EducationUniversity of Oxford

Katharine Dorothy Farrer (nee Newton) is an English mystery novelist and a neighbour and frequent correspondent of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Farrer and her husband Austin Farrer were neighbours with the Tolkiens from 1947 to 1950 when they lived at 3 Manor Road.[1] In 1948, Tolkien sent her a letter which included manuscripts with both the flat and Round World version of the Silmarillion. She responded back saying "I like the Flat Earth versions best. The hope of Heaven is the only thing which makes modern astronomy tolerable: otherwise there must be an East and a West and Walls: aims and choices and not an endless circle of wandering." Christopher Tolkien believed that this was influential in his father's choice to abandon the round world concept.[2] Several letters written to her by Tolkien were published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.[note 1]

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  1. Her name was erroneously spelt 'Katherine', which was corrected in the revised and expanded edition.