Land of Mordor

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Land of Mordor
Background Information
Genreheavy/progressive/power/death metal
Years active2001-present
WebsiteOfficial Myspace
Current membersGonzalo Abellán
Raimon Santiago
Pedro Vazquez
Alex Yuste
Javier Ortiz

Land of Mordor is a Tolkien-related progressive/death/power metal that was formed in 2001 in Spain. Their debut albus focuses on Middle-earth, with songs called "Lothlorien", "Mordor", "Two Towers" and "King's Return".


  • Gonzalo Abellán - guitar
  • Raimon Santiago - keyboards, vocals
  • Pedro Vazquez ‘Perico’ - drums
  • Alex Yuste - guitar, vocals
  • Javier Ortiz ‘Jedi’ - bass


  • The Awakening (Full-length, 2003)
  • Still Awaken (EP, 2007)

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