Lembas Extra 2016

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Lembas Extra 2016
Tolkien Among Scholars
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EditorNathalie Kuijpers, Renée Vink, and Cécile van Zon

Lembas Extra 2016: Tolkien Among Scholars is an issue of the journal Lembas Extra. The issue contains sixteen articles.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Thijs Porck: "Tolkien Among Scholars" (pp. 7-16)
  • Thomas Honegger: "Scholarly Heroes, Heroic Scholars" (pp. 17-36)
  • Łukasz Neubauer: "The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth as a Dialectic Attempt to Capture the Essence of the 'Northern Heroic Spirit'" (pp. 37-48)
  • Thijs Porck: "New Roads and Secret Gates, Waiting Around the Corner: Investigating Tolkien's other Anglo-Saxon sources" (pp. 49–64)
  • Mariëlle van Rijn: "God's Chosen Warrior and the Ring-bearer: Old English Guthlac A and Guthlac B as Sources of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings" (pp. 65-72)
  • Aline Douma: "A Fell Light Is in Them. The Ontological Ambiguity of Grendel and the Undead in The Lord of the Rings" (pp. 73–84)
  • David Llewellyn Dodds: "'Tolkien's Narnia'? Lit., Lang., Saints, Tinfang, and a Mythology – or two – for Christmas" (pp. 85–104)
  • Nelson Goering: "Old Mercian: From Beowulf to Tolkien's Rohan" (pp. 105-18)
  • Paul J. Smith: "French Connections in Middle-earth: The Medieval Legacy" (pp. 119–36)
  • Renée Vink: "A Poet's Choices: Tolkien, Heusler and the Gap in the Poetic Edda" (pp. 137–50)
  • Charlotte Doesburg: "Singing, Music and Magic in the Finnish Epic the Kalevala and J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion" (pp. 151–60)
  • Antoine Paris: "Playing with Philology: Unreliable Philology in The Lord of the Rings" (pp. 161–76)
  • Hamish Williams: "Between Exile and Hospitality: The figure of the Xenos in Tolkien's Faërie" (pp. 177–90)
  • Lettie Dorst: "The Hobbit Meets Stylistics: Analyzing Stylistic Features in The Hobbit and its Dutch Translation" (pp. 191–210)
  • Jan van Breda: "Anarchy in Middle-earth?" (pp. 211–22)
  • Luisa Paglieri: "Tolkien and the Academic World in Italy" (pp. 223–35)
  • Gazala Anver: "A Deconstructive Reading of Tolkien Criticism with Special Emphasis on The Silmarillion" (pp. 237-52)
  • Biographies (pp. 253-8)

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