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On 15 December 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Arthur Ransome.[1]

  • Subject: A reply to Ransome's letter of 13 December. Tolkien acknowledges Ransome's suggestion about changing some words in The Hobbit. Ransome had suggested that it might be inappropriate to use the word men when referring to Hobbits and Dwarves: Tolkien justifies the character Thorin's use of man by claiming it was "the language in those days". Tolkien promises to send him a revised copy of the book "if there is a reprint", adding that "sales are not very great". He also writes: "To be fancied by you, that is more than any hobbit could have expected", and that his children have kept Ransome's books from when they were young.[1][2]
  • Description: Handwritten letter.[2]
  • Archive: The letter is kept at the University of Leeds.[2]

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