Letter to Mary Fairburn (4 September 1968)

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On 4 September 1968, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Mary Fairburn.[1]

  • Contents: Tolkien replies saying that he is sorry for having caused Fairburn to express "anxiety" because of his accident and other problems. Tolkien also explains that his "library and papers were piled up like flood-damage" during many weeks. He is glad, though, for the additional illustrations she has sent him in three envelopes, found when unpacking (his publisher, Rayner Unwin, had not been in England, and had therefore not been able to display these to Tolkien). However, Tolkien says that "the prospect of an illustrated edition [was] not promising", but that "I like the pictures — certainly some of them — enough to make you a private offer of purchase", and asks Fairburn to suggest a price.
  • Description: The Oxford address in the printed letterhead, and above it his new address and telephone number.
  • Publication: The Times Literary Supplement 14 September 2012.

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