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Letter to Michael George Tolkien (10 January 1958)

Michael George Tolkien 10 January 1958.jpg

On 10 January 1958, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Michael George Tolkien.[1]

  • Subject: Letter sent on the occasion of Michael's 15th birthday.
  • Description: Autograph letter, oblong 8vo. 1 p. Tolkien's lettercard stationery with printed Merton letterhead.

[edit] Transcription

Many Happy Returns of your birthday! I failed to reach the P. Office today, or I should have sent you a small contribution (at the rate of a bob a year!). However, I have asked your father to do so on my behalf. Very much love to you, & I hope next term will prove better than usual.

Your Grandfather

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