Letter to Miss Perry

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On 29 December 1961, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Miss Perry.[1]

  • Contents: Replying to several letters from Perry, Tolkien explains the delay by not being able to remember addresses and that his papers are not in order. However, "recently I found someone willing to go through the confusion; and she had special orders to look out for certain addresses. Just before Christmas she unearthed yours".[1] Tolkien also discusses his busy schedule and his doubts about a sequel to The Lord of the Rings, ending the letter with "forgive this gloomy note".[2]
  • Description: Handwritten letter, signed, Tolkien's Sandfield Road stationery.[2]
  • Publication: Quotes and a photograph appeared in Michael Silverman Catalogue Nine (p. 32 and pl. 8).[1]

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