Letter to Rod Jellema

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In the Spring of 1966, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Jod Jellema.[1]

  • Contents: A reply to a letter from Jellema, concerning the controversy of Tolkien's disapproval of W.H. Auden's intended book on Tolkien.
  • Publication: The letter is quoted in W.H. Auden: A Legacy.


"I do not ask that any such article should be 'respectful', but that it should at least be accurate ... To produce an article that does not misrepresent biographical facts or my opinions would require a person having an intimate knowledge of both, if it was to be written without troubling me."

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  1. Rod Jellema, "Auden on Tolkien: The Book that Isn't, and the House that Brought it Down", in W.H. Auden: A Legacy, p. 39