Letter to T.P. Dunning

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In 1963, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to T.P. ("Tom") Dunning, Tolkien's former student.[1][2]

  • Description: Handwritten letter, one page, loosely inserted in Dunning's copy of Farmer Giles of Ham, signed by Tolkien.[2]
  • The letter and book sold for £3,500 (£4,340 including feeds fees) at Bloomsbury on 30 May 2013.

From the auction[edit | edit source]

"In the letter Tolkien apologises 'that this is only half a book. Even so it cost me great pains.' He goes on to mention his health 'Am going away on Friday next by Doctor's orders to me not to Edith, though she is pretty groggy. I am now nearly out of juice: mental, or physical.'"
― Bloomsbury Auctions[2]