Lindon (MERP)

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Lindon (MERP).jpg
AuthorJeff J. Erwin, Oliver Schick
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
ReleasedLate 1990s (Unpublished)

Lindon was a supplement intended to be published for Middle-earth Role Playing.[1] Jeff J. Erwin, with the assistance of Oliver Schick (who was writing on a Mithlond supplement), was commissioned during the 1990s to write the supplement. But as Iron Crown Enterprises went bankrupt, Erwin stopped working on the Lindon project around 1997/98.[2]

The manuscripts of MERP Lindon (including a detailed gazetteer, descriptions of peoples and history) can be reached through the Yahoo Fan modules ftp site. Several members of the Yahoo Fan modules group have continued to discuss the present state of the manuscripts (including User:Morgan), in order to reach a playable supplement.

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