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Luke George Evans
LifetimeApril 15, 1979
PortrayedBard, Girion in:
 The Hobbit (film series)

Luke George Evans (born April 15, 1979 in Aberbargoed, Wales) is a Welsh theatre and film actor. He portrayed Bard as well as Girion (Bard's ancestor) in The Hobbit films.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

" It's interesting, It's quite an organic journey I've been on with The Hobbit, because obviously I wasn’t in the first film. I watched from a distance as everybody else, enjoyed the premiere, and watched the characters being taken in by the fans and all that. But then obviously when the second film came out that was very exciting because I got to see, as well as the rest of the world, Bard the Bowman come to life. It's been really lovely watching and reading the positive reception around the world, and different fans all really enjoying Bard and liking his story and liking me playing him. So it's been a positive experience so far."
― Luke Evans, Collider
"He has three children and he’s forced into becoming a leader and he doesn’t really want to be a leader. I think he’s happy just looking after his family and just…he doesn’t want a war. His emotions are very human and I guess that will make him quite appealing to an audience."
― Luke Evans about Bard,

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