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Middle-earth Quest (MEQ) was a series of solo adventure paperback books (similar to the Tolkien Quest) based on the QuestGame System, published by Iron Crown Enterprises. According to Terry Amthor, the books in the Middle-earth Quest series were scrutinized more closely than the supplements to MERP, involving Rayner Unwin and a "Tolkien scholar at Oxford"[1].

Publications[edit | edit source]

Two more sequel books were promised to be available (Search for the Palantír and Race from Rivendell), but never reached publication.

From the publisher[edit | edit source]


The world of brave and cruel Men, Hobbits and Elves, Dragons and Dwarves, Orcs and Trolls, and Wizards both good and evil lives on in this series of Middle-earth Quest gamebooks. You too can now become entwined in the world's richest tapestry of high fantasy.

Translations[edit | edit source]

  • Aventuras en la Tierra Media (Spanish)
  • Aventuras na terra-media (Portuguese)
  • Äventyr i Midgård (Swedish)
  • Mittelerde-Questbucher (German)
  • La terra di mezzo (Italian)
  • ミドルアースクエスト (Japanese)

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