Middle-earth Role Playing Accessory Pack

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Middle-earth Role Playing Accessory Pack
Publication Information
AuthorPeter C. Fenlon, Jr., Jessica M. Ney-Grimm
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
Formatsoftcover/boxed set
ICE stock no.2002

Middle-earth Role Playing Accessory Pack is a supplement (in the Play Aids series) for Middle-earth Role Playing, 2nd Edition. This product was split from the 1st Edition Middle-earth Role Playing (1986) boxed set.

Cover/Jacket Text

Middle-earth Role Playing Accessory Pack includes:

THE LOONS OF THE LONG FELL, an enthralling adventure in the Trollshaws that introduces MERP novices to Tolkien's world and the wonders of fantasy role playing in Middle-earth. The scenario includes:

  • 6 fully developed characters ready to play and enjoy with no preparation or hassle.
  • Extensive notes for the Gamemaster to help less experienced GMs learn the subtleties of crafting and running an adventure.
  • Maps & floorplans of the adventure sites geared specifically for the GM, with information that should initially be concealed from the players.
  • 60 STAND-UP FIGURES exquisitely rendered in full color. All the people encountered in The Loons of Long Fell are included, as well as the creatures and folk from the sample adventure in the Middle-earth Role Playing rulesbook.
  • 16 PAGES OF COLOR DISPLAYS bring adventure alive when stand-up figures are placed on their surfaces. You'll see a crow's view of the terrain and the action. The displays include color maps and floorplans of:
  • The Last Inn, Fulcwian's House, & The Long Fell for the adventure in this Accessory Pack.
  • The Ruined Castle & the Troll's Lair for the scenario in the Middle-earth Role Playing rulesbook.
  • DICE for use with MERP and The Loons of the Long Fell.

(Some of this material was previously published in the boxed first edition of Middle-earth Role Playing)

Come to Middle-earth and experience thrilling moments such as when the Ringwraiths approached Strider and the Hobbits on Weathertop!

"Over the lip of the dell, on the side away from the hill they felt, rather than saw, a shadow rise, one shadow or more than one. They strained their eyes, and the shadows seemed to grow. Soon there could be no doubt: three of four black figures were standing there on the slope, looking down on them... Frodo thought that he heard a faint hiss as of venomous breath and felt a thin piercing chill. Then the shapes slowly advanced." - The Fellowship of the Ring