Middle Earth: The World of Tolkien Illustrated

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Middle Earth: The World of Tolkien Illustrated
Publication Information
AuthorLin Carter (adapter)
IllustratorDavid Wenzel
PublisherNew York: Centaur Books (distributed by Como Sales)

Middle Earth: The World of Tolkien Illustrated is a book with illustrations depicting various scenes from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Each illustration is accompanied by an adapted text by Lin Carter. The book also features a map of Bilbo Baggins's travels by Wenzel, an introductory text on The Hobbit by Carter, and short biographies of Wenzel and Carter.


  • Introduction (p.9)
  • Bagend's Quiet is Shattered (p.16)
  • Uninvited Guests Come to Bagend (p.18)
  • Moon Mysteries at Rivendell (p.20)
  • Hobbit Stew (p.22)
  • Over the Misty Mountains (p.24)
  • Gollum (p.26)
  • The Last Riddle (p.28)
  • Rage of the Goblin King (p.30)
  • Gandalf the Grey (p.35)
  • Out of the Fire (p.38)
  • Spiders and Swords in Mirkwood (p.40)
  • Thorin Finds a Lock for His Key (p.43)
  • Strange Cargo for River Running (p.46)
  • Conversations with Smaug (p.48)
  • Flaming Death Over Laketown (p.50)
  • The Hobbit (p.52)
  • Bilbo Unveils the Arkenstone (p.54)
  • The Last Charge of Oaken Shield (p.56)
  • Auctioning the Estate of Bilbo Baggins Esquire (p.58)
  • About David Wenzel (p.62)
  • About Lin Carter (p.64)