Mikael Persbrandt

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Mikael Åke Persbrandt
Lifetime25 September 1963
PortrayedBeorn in:
 The Hobbit (film series)

Mikael Åke Persbrandt (born 25 September 1963) is a Swedish actor.

He portrayed Beorn in The Hobbit (film series). The rumour that Persbrandt would have a role in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit (film series) first appeared in Swedish magazine Aftonbladet on 3 December 2010.[1][2] On 7 December 2010 it was officially announced that Persbrandt had been cast and that he would portray the character of Beorn.[3]

Persbrandt mentioned in an interview that he was a "fantasy geek" as a child, having read all the books by Tolkien.[4]

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