Minas Tirith (1988 book)

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The name Minas Tirith refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Minas Tirith (disambiguation).
Minas Tirith
Publication Information
AuthorGraham Staplehurst
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
ICE stock no.8301

Minas Tirith is a supplement (in the Cities of Middle-earth-series) for Middle-earth Role Playing, 1st Edition. In MERP 2nd ed., this module was replaced by Minas Tirith (2nd ed).

For use with this supplement, Mithril Miniatures released a set of metal miniatures (M195 - M204 Minas Tirith).

Cover/Jacket Text

Minas Tirith, the Guarded City, rises from the base of Mount Mindolluin. Capital of Gondor, it is the preeminent symbol of the struggle against Sauron of Mordor. No other city in western Middle-earth offers greater hope for the defense of the Free Peoples.

Minas Tirith commands the wide gap between the White Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow that encircle the Dark Lord's homeland. Its seven walls and seven levels seem to grow out of the stone, as if carved by Giants. Each tier of the Royal City wraps around the rock and looms above the surrounding quarter, its ramparts glimmering white with each sunrise.

High atop the capital, on the uppermost level, the Tower of Ecthelion reaches skyward like a pearl-and-crystal spire. Amidst the storm spawned by the Lord of the Rings, this citadel is the last hold in Minas Tirith, an unparalleled bastion in an ominous time.

MINAS TIRITH features:

  • A double sided 16" x 20" full-color mapsheet
  • 40 pages of floorplans and layouts
  • Detailed descriptions of key locations in the city
  • Complete overviews of Minas Tirith's seven levels, the Pelennor, and the port of Harlond
  • Descriptions of Boromir, Faramir, Denethor, and other famous figures