Misty Mountains (soundtrack)

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This article is about the soundtrack from An Unexpected Journey. For the mountain range, see Misty Mountains.
An Unexpected Journey - Original Soundtrack
  1. My Dear Frodo
  2. Old Friends
  3. An Unexpected Party
  4. Axe or Sword?
  5. Misty Mountains
  6. The Adventure Begins
  7. The World is Ahead
  8. An Ancient Enemy
  9. Radagast the Brown
  10. Roast Mutton
  11. A Troll-hoard
  12. The Hill of Sorcery
  13. Warg-Scouts
  14. The Hidden Valley
  15. Moon Runes
  16. The Defiler
  17. The White Council
  18. Over Hill
  19. A Thunder Battle
  20. Under Hill
  21. Riddles in the Dark
  22. Brass Buttons
  23. Out of the Frying-Pan
  24. A Good Omen
  25. Song of the Lonely Mountain
  26. Dreaming of Bag End

Misty Mountains is the fifth track of disc one of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and the sixth of the special edition soundtrack.


Far over the Misty Mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day,
To find our long-forgotten gold

The pines were roaring on the height
The winds were moaning in the night
The fire was red, it flaming spread
The trees like torches blazed with light

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