Mythlore 2

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Mythlore 2
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Editor: Glen GoodKnight
Publication information:
Publisher: Mythopoeic Society
Released: April, 1969
Format: Paperback
Pages: 54

Mythlore 2 (Volume 1, Issue 2) is an issue of the Mythlore journal, published by the Mythopoeic Society.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • GoodKnight, Glen. "The Counsel of Elrond." 4.
  • Rioux, Gerald. "The Elvish New Year Picnic." 6.
  • Zuber, Bernie. "Across the Brandywine." 11.
  • Barcznak, Christopher. "Ring of Power" (poem). 13.
  • Duriez, Colin. "Leonardo, Tolkien, and Mr. Baggins." 18.
  • Trimble, Karen. "Rohan" (poem). 29.
  • Kuhl, Rand. "To Charles Williams" (poem). 29.
  • Zuber, Bernie. "World of Fanzines." 30.
  • Ballif, Sandra. "A Sindarin-Quenya Dictionary, More or Less, Listing All Elvish Words Found in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Road Goes Ever On by J.R.R. Tolkien (Part 2)." 33-36.
  • Spradley, Mark. "The Simple Prince" (an original story). 37.
  • Brenion, Fred. "Rape of the Hobbit." Review of Come to Middle Earth -- An Original Musical. 44+.
  • Kuhl, Rand. "Lore of Logres: Music Hath Charms ..." Review of The Silver Trumpet, by Owen Barfield. 45-48.
  • "Missives to Mythlore." 49.
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