Mythlore 48

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Mythlore 48, Volume 13, Issue 2
Mythlore 48.png
Editor: Glen GoodKnight
Publication information:
Publisher: Mythopoeic Society
Released: 1986 Winter
Format: Paperback
Pages: 63

Mythlore 48 (Volume 13, Issue 2) is an issue of the Mythlore journal, published by the Mythopoeic Society.


  • "The Figure of Beatrice in the Works of Charles Williams"
  • "Tolkien and Old Germanic Ethics"
  • "A Centennial Retrospective on Charles Williams"
  • "Even an Adept: Charles Williams and the Order of the Golden Dawn"
  • "Gondolin, Minas Tirith and the Eucatastrophe"
  • "Wentworth in the Garden of Gomorrah"
  • "Herland and Out of The Silent Planet"
  • "John Heath-Stibbs' Artorius and the Influence of Charles Williams"
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