Mythlore 97/98

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Mythlore 97/98
Editor: Janet Brennan Croft
Publication information:
Publisher: Mythopoeic Society
Released: 2007
Pages: 186

Mythlore 97/98 is an issue of the Mythlore journal (Volume 25, Issue 3; 2007 Spring/Summer), published by the Mythopoeic Society.


  • "Editorial" — Janet Brennan Croft
  • "Fantastical Fact, Home, or Other? The Imagined 'Medieval' in C.S. Lewis" — Alison Searle
  • "Feudal Values, Vassalage, and Fealty in The Lord of the Rings" — Colleen Donnelly
  • "Battling the Woman Warrior: Females and Combat in Tolkien and Lewis" — Candice Fredrick and Sam McBride
  • "Finding Woman's Role in The Lord of the Rings — Melissa McCrory Hatcher
  • "Through a Dark Lens: Jackson's Lord of the Rings as Abject Horror" — R.D. Hall
  • "The Monstrosity of the Gaze: Critical Problems with a Film Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings" — Allison Harl
  • "Galadriel and Morgan le Fey: Tolkien's Redemption of the Lady of the Lacuna" — Susan Carter
  • "The Fall and Repentance of Galadriel" — Romuald Ian Lakowski
  • "Prince Caspian and Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair" — Robert Boenig
  • "Pullman, Lewis, MacDonald, and the Anxiety of Influence" — William Gray
  • The Ogre Blinded and The Lord of the Rings" — Daniel Peretti
  • "Beorn and Tom Bombadil: A Tale of Two Heroes" — Paul W. Lewis
  • "Meaning, Meanings, and Epistemology in C.S. Lewis" — Charlie W. Starr
  • Book reviews — David D. Oberhelman and Clark Hutton
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