Nazgûl's Citadel

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Nazgûl's Citadel
Nazguls Citadel.jpg
AuthorWilliam E. Wilson, Gary D McClellan, Robert J. McCarter
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
ICE stock no.8205

Nazgûl's Citadel is a supplement (in the Fortress series) for Middle-earth Role Playing, 1st Edition.

Cover/Jacket Text[edit | edit source]

Near the source of the Sîresha in Greater Harad stands a hollow mountain - Ny Chennacatt. It is sculpted to resemble a Dragon's head and houses the army of Akhôrahil, the Ringwraith. Composed of disciplined Haradan warriors and ferocious Orcs, the hosts are poised to hold all the lands south of Mordor under their sway. The Nazgûl plots to render this vast fief up to the Dark Lord's sovereignty.


  • OVER 40 PAGES OF LAYOUTS and illustrations.
  • COMPLETE MULTI-LEVEL FLOORPLANS of Akhôrahil's vast citadel: Ny Chennacatt.
  • DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of the key structures and sites of Ny Chennacatt, including the awesome chasm of Naria and the dread-inspiring Throne Room.
  • ROOM-BY-ROOM DESCRIPTIONS of the lesser, but necessary, chambers of the fortress, including barracks, mess halls, Orc warrens, the elevator, the cisterns, and the five formidable Tier Fortresses.
  • TYPICAL LAYOUTS for the crazy assortment of towers sprouting from the slopes of the mountain fortress.
  • 4 UNUSUAL ADVENTURES in Ny Chennacatt, including a trading exhibition, a risky mission of stealth, a bold foray into Akhôrahil's arena, and infiltration into the Nazgûl's army.
  • STATS AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION for the prominent leaders in the fortress, including the Fifth Nazgûl and his brilliant general Wyatan.
  • STATISTICS for the Army of the Southern Dragon, quartered at the citadel between military campaigns.