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Other Hands 26

From Tolkien Gateway
Other Hands 26

Other Hands 26 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP. The theme of the issue is "Dark Undead".

  • Details
    • Published: July 1999
    • Place of Publication: Novato, California, United States
    • Format: 23 page softcover, stapled
    • Mass: 68g
    • Dimensions: length 28cm, width 21.2cm, thickness .2cm
  • Credits


Article name - (Author's name) [Publisher's notes]

  • Editorial - (Chris Seeman) [1 pg]
  • Dark Undead - (Chris Seeman, Sam Daish) [essay on the powers and limitations of undead; 15 pgs]
  • Mithril Feature: Denizens of the Dead Marshes - (Chris Seeman) [2 pgs]
  • Rastarin's Log - (Bridget Buxton) [episode eight; 4 pgs]

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