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Other Hands 3

From Tolkien Gateway

Other Hands 3 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP.

  • Published: October 1993


  • Editorial - Chris Seeman
  • Communications - Eduardo Martinez Santamari√°, Anders Blixt
  • Frontlines - Chris Seeman
  • Thoughts on the population of Gondor and Arnor - Gunnar Brolin
  • Response to "Thoughts on the population of Gondor and Arnor" - Jason Beresford
  • Developing a magic system for Middle-earth Role Playing - Andrew McMurry
  • A journey in the dark - Chris Seeman
  • The forgotten race of the Drughu - Tim Innes
  • A reply to ICE's "open letter" - James Owen
  • Scandinavian influences on Orkish - Anders Blixt
  • Product Review - Chris Seeman
  • A bibliography of Middle-earth gaming 1982-1993 - Chris Seeman