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Other Hands 31/32

From Tolkien Gateway

Other Hands 31/32 is a double-issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP. The theme of the issue is "Evil Races"

  • Details
    • Published: January 2001
    • Place of Publication: Novato, California, United States
    • Format: 36 page softcover, stapled, plus map; 16 page softcover, stapled, plus dungeon map
    • Mass: 192g
    • Dimensions: length 28cm, width 21.7cm, thickness .4cm


Article name - (Author's name) [Publisher's notes]

  • Editorial - (Chris Seeman) [2 pgs]
  • Magic Feature: Heartstrings - (David Wendelken) [2 new Elven spell lists; 5 pgs]
  • The Lughoth - (George Photopoulos) [background, layouts and stats for an Angmarean Orc-tribe; 7 pgs]
  • Tol Fuin and the Shadowy Isles - (Jeff J. Erwin) [gazetteer and map for the islands of lost Beleriand; 8 pgs]
  • Mithril Feature: Mayhem under the Mountain - (Chris Seeman) [Orcs of Mount Gundabad; 2 pgs]
  • Using D&D 3rd Edition for Middle-earth Campaigns - (Brian McNeilly) [conversion rules; 6 pgs]
  • The Great Spiders - (Justin Morgan-Davies) [background and stats for giant spiders; 4 pgs]
  • Supplement: The Eyes of Oclanoc and Other Tales - (John Bliven Morin) [complete, ready-to-run adventure module set in Lebennin; 16 pgs]

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