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Other Minds 1

Other Minds 1
EditorHawke Robinson, Thomas Morwinsky, Chris Seeman, Chris Wade
PublisherOther Minds Volunteers
ReleasedJuly 2007

Other Minds 1 is the first issue of Other Minds, a magazine devoted to Middle-earth Role Playing and other role playing games set in Middle-earth, published in July 2007.

[edit] Contents

  • "Editorial"
  • "Opinion"
    • By W.A. Hawke Robinson
  • "The Battle Over Role Playing Gaming"
    • By W.A. Hawke Robinson
  • "Mapping Arda"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky, Stéphane Hoerlé, Gabriele Quaglia, Oliver Schick, Christian Schröder
  • "Of Barrow-wights - Part One"
    • By Neville Percy
  • "Magic in Middle-earth"
    • By Chris Seeman
  • "Thoughts on Imladris - Part One"
    • By Thomas Morwinsky
  • "Fineprint"
  • "Creative Commons Licence"
  • "Appendix: Maps for 'Mapping Arda'"