Paul Raymond Gregory: From the World of Tolkien

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Paul Raymond Gregory: From the World of Tolkien
Paul Raymond Gregory From the World of Tolkien.jpg
Foreword byElsebeth Welander-Berggren
ContributorsGary Svensson, Gustav Dahlander, Eva Mendgen
PublisherPrins Eugen Waldemarsudde
FormatSoftcover (254 x 221 mm)
SeriesWaldemarsudde catalogue no:86:07

Paul Raymond Gregory: From the World of Tolkien (Swedish title: Ur Tolkiens värld) is a bilingual (Swedish/English) catalogue of artworks by Paul Raymond Gregory. The exhibition was held at Waldemarsudde from 24 March to 5 August 2007.[1]

From the publisher[edit]

This book presents the British artist Paul Raymond Gregory's (born 1949) paintings inspired by author J.R.R. Tolkien's world. Included are some thirty imaginative and evocative paintings, executed in the years 1978-2006. The paintings, together with the individual and custom-made frames with gothic overtones, may be experienced almost as sculptural objects. This catalogue was published in conjunction with an exhibition at Waldemarsudde 2007, and also includes texts by Dr Gary Smith, Linköping University, Gustav Dahlander, Tolkien Expert and PhD Eva Mendgen at the University of Bonn, Germany



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