Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor

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Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor
Peter Jackson- From Gore to Mordor.jpg
AuthorPaul A. Woods (Editor)
PublisherPlexus Publishing
ReleasedSeptember 2004

Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor is a collection of articles on Peter Jackson and his films.

From the Publisher[edit | edit source]

Peter Jackson made cinematic history with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, presenting J.R.R. Tolkien's story onscreen with drama and visual majesty, while shattering box office records. On the surface, his background as a director of low-budget New Zealand splatter movies would seem to make him an odd choice to direct a multimillion-dollar Hollywood film adaptation of a literary epic. A closer look at Jackson's approach to filmmaking reveals why he was the one of the few directors who could successfully meet the challenge. This collection, the sixth title in the Ultrascreen series, includes the best reviews, essays, and features on Jackson's films, plus interviews with Jackson himself, offers a comprehensive examination of his career to date, from humble beginnings as a child filmmaker, shooting movies in his backyard, to early successes like Bad Taste and Dead Alive, to his current position as one of the world's most feted directors.

Contents, selected[edit | edit source]

Articles on Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings (film series).

  • "Introduction" by Paul A. Woods
  • The Fellowship of the Ring
    • "Rings Bearer" by Michael Helms
    • "One Ring" by Harry Knowles
    • The Fellowship of the Ring reviewed by Andrew O'Hehir
  • The Two Towers
    • "It is a Dark Time for the Rebellion..." by Ian Nathan
    • "Creature Effects for" by Lawrence French
    • The Two Towers reviewed by Kim Newman
  • The Return of the King
    • "All Hail The King" by Lawrence French
    • The Return of the King reviewed by Kim Newman
    • "Kingdom Come" by Graham Fuller
    • "The Lord of the Oscars" by Russell Baillie