Pictures under Discussion

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Pictures under Discussion
Pictures under Discussion.jpg
AuthorJohn Loengard
PublisherAmphoto, Watson-Guptill Publications
Released23 April 1987
FormatHardcover, Paperback

Pictures under Discussion is a 1987 book collecting photographs of and commentary on various famous people, by American photographer John Loengard. The book includes a section about J.R.R. Tolkien (misspelled "Tolkein, J.R.R." in the index). Loengard's commentary (p. 138) consists of a rather negative reminiscence about meeting John Ronald and Edith at a "seaside hotel"[note 1] in Bournemouth[1] in 1968, and a duotone photograph of Tolkien taken by Loengard on the occasion is reproduced on a full-page (p. 139).


  1. Beregond, Anders Stenström has suggested that the hotel would likely be the Hotel Miramar. (Tolkienseminariet, dated 16 March 2017, accessed 6 June 2019)


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