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AuthorMinas Tsoulis
PublisherI Agnosti Kadath
ReleasedSeptember 2003

The Quettaparma, or Λεξικό της Quenya, της γλώσσας των υψηλών ξωτικων του J.R.R.Tolkien (Greek: "A Lexicon of Quenya, language of the High Elves of J.R.R. Tolkien"), is a Lexicon that lists all Quenya words and translates them to Greek language, and the opposite.

The title is neo-Quenya for "word-book", a word invented to mean "dictionary".

The book, which features roughly 180 pages from Elvish to Greek and another 180 from Greek to Elvish, has also several drawings by Xristina Prousanidou and a prologue written by the author explaining the importance of this book to all greek Tolkien fans.