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Richard Plotz
Biographical information
Born15 August 1948
Died2 March 2024
EducationHarvard College

Richard "Dick" Plotz (1948 - 2024)[1] was the founder of the Tolkien Society of America.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Plotz became involved in the Tolkien community in the 1960s. In 1965 he formed the Tolkien Society of America (Which merged with the Mythopoeic Society in 1972).[1][2] He says it began after he saw writing in Elvish on the wall of a subway station. He responded back in Elvish and became part of a conversation in Elvish written on various subway station walls. After becoming curious as to who was doing the writing he wrote the date and location of the first Tolkien Society meeting. Early attendees of these meetings include W.H. Auden and Deborah Rogers.[3][4]

Plotz corresponded with J.R.R. Tolkien and visited him at his home twice.[1] He received a letter from Tolkien (Letter 276) regarding his opinions on The Tolkien Society and answering questions Plotz has asked about his books.[5] He interviewed Tolkien for the January 1967 issue of Seventeen. He also is known for a letter he received from Tolkien (Letter 293a) specifying the declension of the noun in late Quenya (hence called "The Plotz Declension")[6]

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